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Some Jrock photo for sell~;) [02 Dec 2012|10:42pm]

I have a few Jrock photo for sell over at this entry, please have a look if you can, thank you.;)


They're Kagrra, Vanilla, Gackt, Noir Fluerir and Phantamasgoria.:)
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Sale [20 Dec 2011|09:23pm]

I'm selling VK clothes and accessories
Please have a look here

and some JRock stuff from many bands like GazettE, Dir en grey, Miyavi, Golden Bomber, etc etc
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EREMIA Eternally ~Tsuioku no Orugoru~ LIMITED VERSION + Special Comment DVD [19 Nov 2011|12:56am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey guys (*3*)~

Today I want to sell the
limited version of EREMIA's CD/DVD Eternally ~追憶のオルゴール~! The tracks are:

1. Eternally ~Tsuioku no Orugoru~
2. Gisekai (Live Version)
3. Eternally ~Tsuioku no Orugoru~ (Voice less)

The DVD contains:

1. Eternally ~Tsuioku no Orugoru~

Release Date was the 26.12.2007!

When I bought this one at an Event Live at Shinjuku Holiday, Satoshi gave me additionally a Special Comment DVD, which is called "Revival Satan" - he himself wrote the title on the disc!

Original Price was 2100Yen(20€) and I sell all 3 discs for 15€ now!

Anyone?! (^3^)/

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GACKT Redemption CD/DVD Limited Edition [07 Nov 2011|11:55pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hello everyone (*3*)~

Today I want to sell the
limited version of Gackt's CD/DVD REDEMPTION! The tracks are:

1. Redemption
2. Longing
3. Redemption (Inst.)
4. Longing (Inst.)

The DVD contains:

1. Redemption Music Video
2. Redemption Music Video DCFFVII Version

Release Date was the 25.01.2006!

Original Price was 1950Yen(18€) and I sell it for 12€ now!

Anyone?! (^3^)/

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GACKT Remix of Gackt [Vanilla, Mizerable] *RARE* [01 Nov 2011|06:18pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Hello everyone (*3*)~

Today I want to sell a really rare version of
Gackt's CD's! It's called "Remix of Gackt" and the tracks are:

1. Vanilla / MR Plastic Dub
2. Mizerable / Tiny Voice, Production Remix
3. Mizerable / Into the Water Mix-Quadra
4. Vanilla / Maso Yamada Remix

Original Price was 1800Yen and I sell it for 15€ now!

I hope this CD makes someone of you happy! (^3^)/

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EGOIZ II *LIMITED EDITION* DVD (Dio, auncia, PureQ&A, Eremia, Maruru, etc.) [31 Oct 2011|09:44pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Hello my dear friends~

Today I want to sell the
rare Limited Edition 
EGOIZ II DVD containing the following Live Clips from the August 19th 2006 EGOIZ event at Shibuya BOXX!

Length is 90 minutes and original price was 3150Yen, now I would like to sell it for 20€!

I hope it will find a nice new owner! (*3*)/

Maruru (マルル)
F & blow

RE:SET & ブラスト

偽世界 & 夢心中

U & nine


家畜 & 魂

ベイビィQ & 歌舞奇蝶エレヂィ

タロットマスター & 大貧民

pig telling & Freak-Show

last dance & 硝子の海

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[WTB] Hide Memorial Summit Bracelet/Wristband [26 Oct 2011|12:43am]

if anyone have the hide memorial summit bracelet/wristband (i think its
from 2008) that is willing to sell em for me, drop me and email plz?
here is a glimpse of what i am currently looking for. thanks.

not allowed, you many delete thanks ^0^
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still selling lots of things!! [10 Jun 2011|01:28pm]

Hey everyone,

I'm still selling LOTS of things, prices are negotiable!!!

If you are interested, please have a look here: noble-sympathia.livejournal.com/
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Selling visual kei CDs & clothing! [01 May 2011|02:25pm]

I'm selling visual kei CDs. Ayabie, MUCC, Nightmare, Dir en grey, Matenrou Opera, Plastic Tree. FREE SHIPPING everywhere!
Check out the CD sales here!! Thank you!

I'm also selling many kinds of visual kei style clothing! Skirts, shirts, jackets, dresses..Suitable for many looks!
I need all these gone! Please look at the clothing sales here!!
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Visual Kei Merchadise and CDs for LOW PRICES! [28 Apr 2011|09:25pm]


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[SALES] [24 Apr 2011|11:42pm]

I am here to see again, if u see anything you intrests click pics, or link below. i can even negoticate price, if intrests in anything there.
i am from states, so shippiong from states ^^

(Anime: KHR Posters)


(JROCK: Magazines)


(Fashion: Clothing)
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Selling Gab magazine for $2 each (w/ Free Gift) + the GazettE new DVD (Bonus Calendar) [30 Mar 2011|02:16am]


Selling Gab magazine from issue 39 to issue 49 at $2 for each book.

For every 3 book purchase and above, a Zeal Link message DVD featuring many active visual kei bands, Dog in the PWO Like an Edison sample CD, D=Out Photocards, a PSC Phamplet , a Ruki Poster or a Wizard Fileset  will be included FREE! (1 random Freebie)

For feedbacks, you can check it out at http://kuinemure.livejournal.com/2885.html

Please send an email over to eulbreve@gmail.com for more information. Thanks!

News No. 2

If anybody who wish to purchase the GazettE/THE NAMELESS LIBERTY AT10.12.26 TOKYO DOME DVD (Initial and normal press) release on 6th April and wants a Zeal Link exclusive wall calendar (A5 size from April 2011 ~ March 2011) included as a bonus. Please send me a mail too for more details regarding the cost and shipping.

Thanks for viewing.
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[Selling] J-Rock/Visual Kei - CDs, DVDs, photosets, cheki, comment DVDs [25 Mar 2011|12:54pm]

Hi everybody,
I still have lots of things for sale left.
Prices are negotiable, just ask, if you don't like a price, ne!!

You can find CDs, DVDs, photosets, cheki etc here at my journal : 

Here is a link to my poster-sale:

If you are interested in flyer: I have about 200 flyer for sale. If you are interested, tell me which band you are looking for and I'll show you, which flyer I do sell^^

Please take a look if you're interested!

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[Sale] Tofupanda_sales [17 Mar 2011|11:02pm]


Payment in €
German buyers: bank transfer (prefered), paypal
International buyers: paypal only [Required 4,5% + 0,35€ service fee]
♥ I am not responsible for lossed or damaged items

please ask me :3
I have to buy an envelope !


♥ Gyaru (Liz Lisa & ofbrand), Visual Kei and normal clothing
♥ Nail Tips & Deco Den♥ CD's Gazette, ALice 9, Miyavi, SUG, SID, VanessA, Kra, DIO, Gackt and more
♥ The Gazette Photobooks
♥ Flyer & Poster

and more...

(under the fake-cut)

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Selling: CDs/DVDs/Band goods [06 Mar 2011|03:01pm]

**Special Sale: Prices marked down ($5 on select CDs), All photosets $5**

Selling photosets and other merchandise here:

+Photosets of the following: GHOST, a:Vout, Dollis Marry & Wizard
Other Merch: Sugar Zippo Lighter

CDs and DVDs here:

+Artists/Bands include: Dio, Sugar, Dollis Marry, Wizard, +ISOLATION, Sulfuric Acid, Kisaki Project, THE PIASS, +catarciss+, Misaruka and more!

+Other CD/DVD: ZEAL LINK '08 Comment DVD

Please take a look if you're interested and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks~!
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SALES [06 Mar 2011|08:30pm]

new prices
some rare items
(gazette: (bandana,posters,singles,album),miyavi,d'espairs ray,,peace &  smile  carnival tour  dvd)
 Selling AnCafe two sex pot revenge and h.Anarchy items.
check it out here
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FLYER SALE :D [19 Feb 2011|12:28am]



♥ shipping from Germany!
Payment in €
German buyers: bank transfer (prefered), paypal
International buyers: paypal only [Required 4
,5% + 0,35€ service fee]
♥ I am not responsible for lossed or damaged items

Flyer from Japan 2009 and some german from 2006-2010
NEW Flyer summer

Germany 1,50€
international: 3,50€

every Flyer   1€
Buy 10 or more Flyer: every Flyer 0,50€

If you want to order please let me know the set number and number of the flyer!

Flyer :DCollapse )
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Lots of Visual Kei CDs for Sale! [15 Jan 2011|01:09am]


I currently have:
SIGNED goods from:
Renter en Soi
Dir en Grey



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Updated sales post [12 Jan 2011|08:59pm]

I recently added some things to my sales post -->HERE<--

You'll find stuff like CDs, DVDs, photosets, cheki, comment DVDs etc from bands like:
  • D
  • LM.C
  • dio -Distraught Overlord-
  • Matenrou opera
  • Dali
  • heidi.
  • Kagrra
  • Ayabie
  • Merry
  • amber gris and many more
If you are interested in poster, I have a ton of them -->HERE<--
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Clearance sale!! 100 random visual kei flyers for $7 + free Gab magazine! [16 Dec 2010|11:46pm]


Flyers Clearance Sale!!

random visual kei flyers for sale at $7!! (Shipping exclusive)

I won't be able to let you choose due to the quantity but you can tell me which bands you will like and I shall pick it up when I come across it.

Featuring the latest from Moi dix moi, Ando, Rin, Shoujo Lolita 23Ku, Prerestroika and hundreds and hundreds more!!   

All purchases will come with a free Gab magazine! (1 Random issue from no.40 - no. 48)

For more information on shipping and item please send a message over to eulbreve@gmail.com


+ Many more new flyers not featured!

Thanks for viewing!
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